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Aesculight Soft Tissue Laser Surgery

Soft Tissue Veterinary Laser

Aesculight LLC, based near Seattle, Washington, designs and manufactures CO2 surgical lasers for veterinary applications and our products are distributed Worldwide. Since 2006, Aesculight has been the only American-based veterinary CO2 laser manufacturer.

Surgical Veterinary Lasers

We strive to perfect laser technology and excel at helping veterinarians improve their business, patient care, and clients’ satisfaction.

As the only American based veterinary surgical CO2 lasers manufacturer, we are well suited to serve and protect our customers’ investments in their Aesculight lasers through uncompromising dedication to excellent customer service and product support. Aesculight’s technical support and customer services are performed directly from the factory and with direct involvement from many of our laser engineers.

All Aesculight surgical CO2 veterinary lasers are manufactured at our state-of-the-art laser facility in Woodinville (near Seattle), Washington, USA. Most of our laser engineers and technicians have been at the forefront of surgical and industrial laser technology since the early 1990s.


What People are Saying About Aesculight

  • English Testimonial

    Another area where the laser has proved particularly effective is in cancer-related surgeries and the removal of other harmful masses. Veterinarians are able to...

  • English Testimonial

    I LOVE this laser! It is simply a joy to work with. I especially appreciate the programmability that allows each individual laser surgeon the option to adjust particular user settings such as...

  • English Testimonial

    I have previously used a CO2 laser by a different manufacturer. I am constantly impressed by how much of an improvement my Aesculight is over the other brand...