Comparing lasers and scalpel incisions

Comparison of the Hemodynamic Response in General Anesthesia between Patients Submitted to Skin Incision with Scalpel and CO2 Laser

By L. Miguel Carreira, R. Ramalho, S. Nielsen, and P, Azevedo | October 2017

Results indicate that the use of CO2 laser in surgery surpasses the conventional scalpel, by lowering the nociceptive system stimulation, decreasing the autonomic nervous system activity and stabilizing the hemodynamic clinical signs, which in turn promote reduced anesthetic consumption and thus offer greater safety to the patient.

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fish laser surgery

VIDEO – Fish Laser Surgery


Watch this 6 minute PBS NOVA scienceNOW special about pet fish surgery and the growing market for veterinary aquatic specialists. This special features Gregory Lewbart, MS, VMD, DACZM, a professor…

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Aesculight has Moved to a New Facility


We have outgrown our current office in Woodinville, WA, and will be relocating to a larger facility — less than 3 miles away and right next door to where the original Luxar Laser Corporation was founded in the late 1980s.

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