Janine Sagris Dismukes, DVM, Shares Her Clinical Case

    Janine Sagris Dismukes, DVM, a laser surgeon, has shared her clinical case with us. Thank you, Dr. Dismukes!

     Figure 1

    Figure 1: Cherokee, a 2-year-old male Irish setter presented for intermediate congenital entropion of the left bottom lid. It was decided to surgically correct the entropion with the Aesculight CO2 laser.

     Figure 2

    Figure 2: Intra-operative view. A narrow shallow crescent of skin was excised from the lower lid with the Aesculight laser set to 16 watts SuperPulse. Note complete lack of bleeding.

     Figure 3

    Figure 3: Immediately post-operative view. The wound was sutured. Note minimal swelling. During the same visit neuter was performed along with the entropion correction. Both procedures took 45 minutes to complete.

     Figure 4

    Figure 4:  Follow-up visit at 1 month after the surgery. Perfect healing without scarring.

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