You are invited to sign up for a free upcoming live webinar and onsite workshop on July 28th, 2017. The live webinar will be from 9:00 am to 10:30 am PST. The onsite workshop will be held in Woodinville, WA from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm PST.

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american laser study club event 07-28-2017

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Are you looking to improve your clinical outcomes, patient experience, and return on investment? Attending the webinar or live workshop clinicians will gain a greater understanding of the physics of laser tissue interaction, such as absorption, scattering, ablation, coagulation and hemostasis, laser safety, etc. Upon completion clinicians will be able to excel at efficient and safe application of laser energy in everyday practice. Furthermore, those who take the ALSC course are better prepared for the written exam part of the Certification with the American Board of Laser Surgery.

American Laser Study Club (ALSC) educational courses are designed to assist those preparing for the Certification Exam with The American Board of Laser Surgery.

Presenter: Peter Vitruk, PhD, MInstP, Phys, DABLS, prior to co-founding LuxarCare in 2002 and LightScalpel in 2005, Peter held a variety of research and development positions around the globe. Dr. Vitruk has authored 10 patents and over 20 articles on CO2 lasers, and is a Member of The Institute of Physics, UK, a Diplomate of and a Director with the American Board of Laser Surgery, USA, and the founder of the American Laser Study Club.

Agenda is designed around Chapters of the ABLS’s Study Guide:

  • Chapter 1: Basic Laser Science
  • Chapter 2: Laser Delivery Systems
  • Chapter 3: Laser-Tissue Interaction
  • Chapter 5: Laser Safety
  • Chapter 7: Laser Equipment Selection

For more information about this and other upcoming courses, visit the ALSC Courses page.

*This course is free for everyone. In the future courses will only be free for ALSC members who have completed the ABLS application and have purchased the ABLS Study Guide.


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