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co2 laser applications for exotics

CO2 laser applications for exotics

By Ed Gilsleider, DVM | September 2014

In my practice a flexible fiber CO2 surgical laser is used daily. Whether for dermal neoplasia, any soft tissue surgery, laparotomies or orthopedics, I request its use. Learn about the many clinical benefits of CO2 lasers in exotic for veterinary practices.

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co2 laser surgery a rewarding endeavor

CO2 laser surgery — a rewarding endeavor

By David Bradley, DVM, FASLMS | August 2014

The Aesculight CO2 laser became the most-used piece of equipment in my practice. It imparts an immediate perception of expertise and it helps depict our practice as progressive, and it serves as a symbol of our commitment to providing the highest level of service.

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advantages of co2 laser mastectomy

Advantages of CO2 laser mastectomy

By Masahiro Seki, DVM, DABLS | July 2014

The use of the CO2 laser in mastectomy surgery allows the veterinarian to prevent some potential complications. The hemostatic capacity of the laser helps maintain intra-operative visualization of the surgical site and shortens the surgery time by reducing bleeding and the time spent on maintaining the site blood-free.

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open their mouths and open your eyes

Open their mouths and open your eyes

By Noel Berger, DVM, MS, DABLS | June 2014

The mouth is a highly vascularized and innervated orifice. With some basic exploratory skills any practitioner can have a zesty taste of the rewards earned by discovering success in oral surgery using a CO2 laser.

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correcting mild entropion with a co2 laser

Correcting mild entropion with a CO2 laser

By William E. Schultz, DVM | May 2014

Entropion is a condition in which the eyelid rolls medially and contacts the cornea, causing epiphora and, in some cases, mild to severe corneal damage. Find out how it can be treated by Aesculight lasers.

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surgical laser basics tips

Surgical Laser Basics: 5 Tips for the Novice User

By John C. Godbold, Jr, DVM | August 2015

The CO2 laser is the predominant surgical laser used for soft-tissue surgery because of its unique interaction with tissue. CO2 lasers emit an invisible beam of laser light (10,600 nm) that is highly absorbed by water.

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co2 lasers in management of neoplasia

CO2 Lasers In Management of Neoplasia

By Pamela Doskey, DVM | December 2013

The majority of our clients consider their pets part of the family. These clients want to pursue any reasonable option available to increase the quality and quantity of time that they can spend with their loved ones.

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co2 laser gingivoplasty for orthodontic care

CO2 Laser Gingivoplasty for Orthodontic Care

By Jan Bellows, DVM, Dipl. AVDC, ABVP, and Elizabeth McMorran, DVM | February 2014

The use of the CO2 laser for gingivectomy proved to be beneficial. The laser minimized the bleeding, providing a clean, dry surgical site and no closure was required.

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