Case Studies

laser wavelength

Soft Tissue Cutting with CO2 and Diode Lasers

By Peter Vitruk, PhD | November 2012

CO2 laser light’s ability to ablate and cut the waterrich soft-tissue with maximum precision and minimal collateral thermal effects makes it a true “What you see is what you get” surgical laser with a short learning curve and a great variety of uses in general surgery.

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co2 laser surgery dermatologic applications

CO2 Laser Surgery: Dermatologic Applications

By David D. Duclos, DVM, Dipl. ACVD | June 2012

In most dermatologic surgical procedures using CO2 lasers, no sutures are required and no post-operative care is needed. The pet does not bother the lesions because the nerve endings are sealed by the CO2 laser, and thus little to no pain is present after the surgery.

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laser removal of anal glands

Laser Removal of Anal Glands

By William E. Schultz, DVM | July 2013

The ability to visualize the surgical field without hemorrhage and the enhanced dissection afforded by using a surgical laser speeds up the procedure and causes much less trauma to sensitive perineal tissues.

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laser stenotic nares results

CO2 Laser Allows Bloodless Repair of Stenotic Nares

By Daniel M. Core, DVM | October 2013

Stenotic nares are a key component of brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome. Elective surgical intervention at an early age can minimize and sometimes completely eliminate clinical signs of BOAS. CO2 laser surgical correction of stenotic nares is simple and easy and yields a very gratifying cosmetic result.

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veterinary co2 laser surgery in japan

Introducing Veterinary CO2 Laser Surgery in Japan

By Masahiro Seki, DVM, DABLS | October 2012

My experience with CO2 laser for surgery at our hospital is in sync with how laser surgery is practiced in North America. It is a new and pioneering concept, however, in Japan, where until now laser diodes were promoted for soft tissue surgery.

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