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Course Description

Presented by veterinary laser surgery pioneer and thought leader, Dr John C. Godbold, Jr., DVM, this 4 CE credit online workshop is comprised of five educational modules. Each module is made up of 2-5 units, which make up 17 videos and accompanying slide-shows, for a total of 4 hours. This workshop covers Practical Aspects of Laser Surgery and Laser Surgery Basics applicable to Small Animal Surgery. Laser Safety, Laser-Tissue Interactions, Laser Surgery Techniques, Specific Everyday Procedures and Applications, and Laser Equipment and Accessories are also covered in detail.

Course Presenter

John C. Godbold, Jr., DVM is the most-requested speaker on CO2 laser surgery in veterinary medicine. It is estimated that he has trained over 4,000 colleagues. He has conducted over 160 Continuing Education events, wet labs, and workshops in the USA, Canada and Europe. Equally important has been Dr. Godbold’s role in the development of techniques and procedures using the CO2 laser. He has published in the Journal of the AVMA, Laserpoints, and the Newsletter of the Veterinary Laser Surgical Society. In 2002 he published the widely acclaimed CD Atlas of CO2 Laser Surgery Procedures. This publication, updated each year since, has been distributed across the world to over 7,000 colleagues. Excerpts from Dr. Godbold’s CD Atlas are incorporated into the software of several manufacturers’ laser devices.

Course Layout

Module 1: Introduction to Veterinary CO2 Surgical Lasers
Introduction of the course content, review of CO2 laser delivery systems and a comprehensive discussion of laser safety.

Module 2: Laser Tissue Interaction and Surgery Technique
The photo-thermal effect that the CO2 laser beam has on tissue, and proper surgical techniques.

Module 3: Using the CO2 Laser to Produce the Best Tissue Effect
Through extensive guidance on surgical laser controls,the instructor scrutinizes all of the delivery modes, and explains how to maximize effectiveness when cutting or ablating.

Module 4: Using the CO2 Laser Everyday – Part 1
Surgical Laser Techniques in various elective and general surgeries. Surgical oncology is also covered in this module.

Module 5: Using the CO2 Laser Everyday – Part 2
Surgical Laser Techniques in eye, ear, oral and respiratory, ano-uro-genital and orthopedic procedures.