Flexible fiber CO2 laser—a definitive instrument for tongue surgery

laser tongue surgery bellows

By Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP   |   April 2017

The ability of the CO2 laser to coagulate tissue during incision is especially valuable for tongue surgeries. See five clinical cases that exemplify the use of a flexible fiber CO2 laser for tongue surgeries.

How to remove aural polyp with flexible-fiber CO2 laser

laser aural polyp

By Boaz Man, DVM   |   February 2017

The primary benefit of the laser ablation procedure includes virtual elimination of bleeding while ensuring full visualization of the polyp and confirmation of the successful ablation.

Give CO2 laser a try with oral ulceration

co2 laser Oral ulcerations

By Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP   |   January 2017

When faced with a patient that has an ulcer, the CO2 laser is a wonderful instrument to help eliminate pain and aid in the healing process.

Chronic feline stomatitis? Try extraction, CO2 laser

laser cat stomatitis

By Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP   |   September 2016

We have used the Aesculight CO2 laser in most of our chronic stomatitis cases. The laser’s ease of use and efficacy have proven the benefit of Aesculight in hundreds of cases.

CO2 laser can treat many feline ailments

Cat Laser Surgery

By Gary D. Norsworthy, DVM, Dipl. ABVP   |   July 2016

See several examples of how CO2 lasers are used in cat surgeries. Examples include: lesions in difficult places, stenotic nares, entropion, and ceruminous gland adenomas.

Surgical CO2 laser in the small animal mobile practice

surgical co2 laser in the small animal mobile practice

By Janine S. Dismukes, DVM   |   August 2015

Dr. Dismukes tells her story of becoming a laser veterinarian, the advantages of Aesculight CO2 laser surgery, and she provides five clinical case examples.

The CO2 laser in urogenital surgeries

the co2 laser in urogenital surgeries

By Daniel M. Core, DVM   |   May 2015

CO2 laser surgery provides precision incision, control of hemorrhage, diminished collateral injury, decreased swelling and pain, and superior cosmetic results. These attributes are critical in urogenital surgery.

The utility of carbon dioxide laser in oncological surgery

the utility of carbon dioxide laser in oncological surgery

By F. A. (Tony) Mann, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVS, Dipl. ACVECC   |   April 2015

Surgery has multiple roles to play in oncology, including prevention, diagnosis, palliation, and cure, either alone or as an adjunct to other oncological therapies. The carbon dioxide laser can be a handy surgical tool to perform these roles.

Advantages of CO2 laser mastectomy

advantages of co2 laser mastectomy

By Masahiro Seki, DVM, DABLS   |   July 2014

The use of the CO2 laser in mastectomy surgery allows the veterinarian to prevent some potential complications. The hemostatic capacity of the laser helps maintain intra-operative visualization of the surgical site and shortens the surgery time by reducing bleeding and the time spent on maintaining the site blood-free.

Open their mouths and open your eyes

open their mouths and open your eyes

By Noel Berger, DVM, MS, DABLS   |   June 2014

The mouth is a highly vascularized and innervated orifice. With some basic exploratory skills any practitioner can have a zesty taste of the rewards earned by discovering success in oral surgery using a CO2 laser.

CO2 Lasers In Management of Neoplasia

co2 lasers in management of neoplasia

By Pamela Doskey, DVM   |   December 2013

The majority of our clients consider their pets part of the family. These clients want to pursue any reasonable option available to increase the quality and quantity of time that they can spend with their loved ones.

CO2 Laser Gingivoplasty for Orthodontic Care

co2 laser gingivoplasty for orthodontic care

By Jan Bellows, DVM, Dipl. AVDC, ABVP, and Elizabeth McMorran, DVM   |   February 2014

The use of the CO2 laser for gingivectomy proved to be beneficial. The laser minimized the bleeding, providing a clean, dry surgical site and no closure was required.