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learn to use co2 laser for repair of oral facial clefts

Learn to use CO2 laser for repair of oral-facial clefts

By William E. Schultz, DVM | January 2015

The CO2 laser allowed for operating in a highly vascular area with virtually no bleeding for this 6-week-old golden retriever. With the degree of cleft involving the premaxilla and the nares, the hemostasis provided by the laser enabled precise incisions and tissue removal.

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correcting mild entropion with a co2 laser

Correcting mild entropion with a CO2 laser

By William E. Schultz, DVM | May 2014

Entropion is a condition in which the eyelid rolls medially and contacts the cornea, causing epiphora and, in some cases, mild to severe corneal damage. Find out how it can be treated by Aesculight lasers.

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co2 laser assisted castration

CO2 Laser–Assisted Castration

By William E. Schultz, DVM | September 2013

The surgical CO2 laser allows for an almost completely bloodless surgical castration procedure with a rapid and uneventful recovery.

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vulvoplasty using the co2 laser

Vulvoplasty Using the CO2 Laser

By William E. Schultz, DVM | June 2013

The numerous advantages of CO2 laser surgery— minimal hemorrhage, excellent visibility of the surgical site, precision and control over the amount of tissue removed and reduced post-op swelling— are invaluable in veterinary gynecology.

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laser removal of anal glands

Laser Removal of Anal Glands

By William E. Schultz, DVM | July 2013

The ability to visualize the surgical field without hemorrhage and the enhanced dissection afforded by using a surgical laser speeds up the procedure and causes much less trauma to sensitive perineal tissues.

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