VIDEO – Equine Melanoma Treatment with Laser

equine melanoma laser surgery video

Video of equine melanoma treatment using an Aesculight veterinary surgical laser. Equine veterinarians that use diode laser to remove sarcoids and tumors are amazed by Aesculight laser speed, precision, tissue control and wound healing.

VIDEO – Equine Sarcoids Vaporization with Aesculight CO2 Lasers

equine sarcoids vaporization with aesculight co2 lasers

What is Equine Sarcoids? A sarcoid is a tumor and one of the most common types of skin masses found on horses, donkeys and mules. It is usually benign, but can be locally invasive.[1] Removing Equine Sarcoids with an Aesculight CO2 Laser The Aesculight veterinary laser can be used to easily vaporize equine sarcoids.  Aesculight’s […]

Aesculight Employee’s Horse Treated With Aesculight Laser

horse treated with aesculight laser

People who work here, at Aesculight, strongly believe in the clinical advantages of our surgical laser. Tracy Stein, our marketing communications and events coordinator, had one of her 7 (!) horses treated with the Aesculight laser. In 2011, Easy Strike (“Teddy”) suffered from a canker in the central sulcus of the frog (on his left […]

CO2 Laser Surgery: Standard of Care

co2 veterinary laser Standard of Care Godbold

By John C. Godbold Jr., DVM   |   March 2012

CO2 lasers have become a standard of care in veterinary surgery. Delivering the ideal wavelength (10.6 µm) for all soft tissue surgery, CO2 lasers provide increased precision and result in reduced hemorrhage, swelling, pain and tissue trauma. CO2 lasers also facilitate many laser-improved and laser-specific procedures.

CO2 Surgical Laser for Equine Veterinarians

co2 surgical laser for equine veterinarians

By Robert Fleck, DVM   |   September 2012

I have been using lasers (CO2 and diode) in my equine-only practice for the last six years. I have discovered many uses that have immensely expanded my surgical and therapeutic capabilities.