acral lick granulomas

Using CO2 laser on acral lick granulomas

By Ray Arza, DVM | April 2016

A CO2 laser provides precise control, less trauma to tissue, virtually no bleeding intraoperatively, and laser energy effectively kills bacteria at the surgical site, thus reducing the risk of infection.

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excise ear, perianal growths

CO2 laser can excise ear, perianal growths

By Christopher Winkler, DVM, DABLS | January 2016

Simba, an 11-year-old male toy poodle, presented with a history of chronic otitis externa, a growth in the left ear canal, and perianal masses. An Aesculight CO2 laser was used to excise the growths.

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soft tissue oral surgeries by co2 laser

Soft tissue oral surgeries by CO2 laser

By Ray Arza, DVM, and Anya Glazkova, PhD | September 2015

A CO2 laser significantly facilitates oral soft tissue surgery. Because it coagulates blood vessels, the laser creates a clear surgical field. This enables the clinician to make conservative incisions and save time that otherwise would have been spent on hemorrhage management.

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the co2 laser in urogenital surgeries

The CO2 laser in urogenital surgeries

By Daniel M. Core, DVM | May 2015

CO2 laser surgery provides precision incision, control of hemorrhage, diminished collateral injury, decreased swelling and pain, and superior cosmetic results. These attributes are critical in urogenital surgery.

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the utility of carbon dioxide laser in oncological surgery

The utility of carbon dioxide laser in oncological surgery

By F. A. (Tony) Mann, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVS, Dipl. ACVECC | April 2015

Surgery has multiple roles to play in oncology, including prevention, diagnosis, palliation, and cure, either alone or as an adjunct to other oncological therapies. The carbon dioxide laser can be a handy surgical tool to perform these roles.

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