Flexible fiber CO2 laser—a definitive instrument for tongue surgery

laser tongue surgery bellows

By Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP   |   April 2017

The ability of the CO2 laser to coagulate tissue during incision is especially valuable for tongue surgeries. See five clinical cases that exemplify the use of a flexible fiber CO2 laser for tongue surgeries.

Excise keratoacanthomas with CO2 laser

laser Infundibular keratinizing removal

By Andrea Cannon, DVM   |   November 2016

Surgical excision using a scalpel is not practical as it requires longer anesthesia, wide excisions and sutures. Learn how an Aesculight CO2 laser may be used to excise numerous infundibular keratinizing acanthomas.

VIDEO – Turtles in Trouble – Prepping for Laser Surgery

sea turtles herpes virus

Dr. Sue Chen of the Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, is presented with two green sea turtles covered with tumors caused by the fabropapilloma-associated turtle herpesvirus.

Use CO2 laser to excise trichoblastoma

trichoblastoma laser excision

By Christopher Winkler, DVM, DABLS   |   August 2016

The laser offered excellent hemostasis, and complete excision went without complication or damage to the underlying vessels. The removal of the mass was expected to be curative.

Article Summary – Family turns to laser surgery to treat ailing goldfish

goldfish laser surgery

Here is another life-saving CO2 laser surgery on a goldfish. Family turns to veterinary laser surgery to treat ailing goldfish By Carly Q. Romalino – Published December 14, 2016 in USA Today Article Summary Winston, an 11-inch fantail goldfish had a quarter-sized tumor removed by Colin McDermott, VMD, of Mount Laurel Animal Hospital using an Aesculight […]

VIDEO – Equine Melanoma Treatment with Laser

equine melanoma laser surgery video

Video of equine melanoma treatment using an Aesculight veterinary surgical laser. Equine veterinarians that use diode laser to remove sarcoids and tumors are amazed by Aesculight laser speed, precision, tissue control and wound healing.

Photos from the Sea Turtle Laser Surgery Lecture & Hands-On Lab

sea turtle laser surgery lab

PAST EVENT   |   Posted: December 7, 2016

See photos for this event held on December 3rd and 4th at The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, FL. This was a great opportunity for veterinarians to learn more about sea turtles and CO2 laser surgery.

VIDEO – Aesculight Lasers Featured on “Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet” TV Show

dr dee alaska vet laser surgery

Aesculight laser surgery has recently been featured on Animal Planet’s “Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet” TV show. Watch some video clips of Dr. Dee, performing soft-tissue laser surgery using an Aesculight surgical laser.

Treating sea turtle fibropapillomatosis with CO2 laser surgery

treating sea turtle fibropapillomatosis with co2 laser surgery

By Anya Glazkova, PhD   |   July 2015

Lucké, a debilitated juvenile green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) found stranded in Volusia County, Florida, was taken to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island. His body, including the right eye, was covered in multiple tumors.

The utility of carbon dioxide laser in oncological surgery

the utility of carbon dioxide laser in oncological surgery

By F. A. (Tony) Mann, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVS, Dipl. ACVECC   |   April 2015

Surgery has multiple roles to play in oncology, including prevention, diagnosis, palliation, and cure, either alone or as an adjunct to other oncological therapies. The carbon dioxide laser can be a handy surgical tool to perform these roles.

VIDEO – BBC special on Sea Turtle Surgery with a Flexible Fiber CO2 Laser

sea turtle surgery with a flexible fiber co2 laser

This BBC special features a flexible fiber CO2 laser surgery on a sea turtle. Large skin tumors caused by fibroma pillomatosis are excised with the laser beam. The video highlights the key points of the CO2 laser surgery, such as non-contact cutting (to prevent contaminating the wound) and excellent hemostasis.

VIDEO – Aesculight In the News!

aesculight lasers on tv

Aesculight was featured on a local FOX affiliate, Q13. This news clip discusses Aesculight as a company, as well as the removal of a tumor from a goldfish using an Aesculight surgical laser.