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Laser Surgeon – Photo Comic – Christopher Winkler, DVM, DABLS

christopher winkler veterinary laser surgeon funny

Dr. Winkler truly has a passion for laser surgery. Thank you Dr. Winkler for sharing this hilarious graphic!

Reduced pain and other benefits of the 10.6-micrometer CO2 laser: As seen in clinical studies

co2 laser less pain

Post-Op PAIN related quotations from soft tissue CO2 laser oral surgery case studies.

How New York vet learned to love lasers

how new york vet learned to love lasers

By Anya Glazkova, PhD   |   June 2016

In this interview, Dr. Winkler offers his view of the numerous clinical benefits of laser surgery and shares his journey toward becoming a laser veterinarian.

Using CO2 lasers in small animal practice


By Christopher Winkler, DVM, DABLS   |   November 2015

I implemented carbon dioxide laser surgery into my practice in 2010 and have never regretted the decision. I find laser surgery to have many advantages.

Surgical CO2 laser in the small animal mobile practice

surgical co2 laser in the small animal mobile practice

By Janine S. Dismukes, DVM   |   August 2015

Dr. Dismukes tells her story of becoming a laser veterinarian, the advantages of Aesculight CO2 laser surgery, and she provides five clinical case examples.

Interview with Paul Sessa, DVM – Evolution of surgical laser technology

interview with paul sessa dvm evolution of surgical laser technology

By Anya Glazkova, PhD   |   March 2015

Paul Sessa, DVM, shares the highlights of his transition from the older generation surgical CO2 laser to a newer, higher power surgical laser platform based on flexible fiber beam delivery with tipless handpieces.

CO2 laser surgery — a rewarding endeavor

co2 laser surgery a rewarding endeavor

By David Bradley, DVM, FASLMS   |   August 2014

The Aesculight CO2 laser became the most-used piece of equipment in my practice. It imparts an immediate perception of expertise and it helps depict our practice as progressive, and it serves as a symbol of our commitment to providing the highest level of service.

Aesculight Veterinary Spotlight Series: Dr. Bill Howard

vet bill howard

By Aesculight Digital Media Manager, Chris Smith When Dr. Bill Howard was a young boy growing up in Houston, TX in the 1960’s, he spent a long night sitting up with his sick dog and a veterinarian as the beloved pet died of heartworm disease. Though it was a terrible thing to experience, this was […]

Aesculight Veterinary Spotlight Series: Dr. James D. Baxter

laser vet aesculight veterinary james d baxter

By Aesculight Digital Media Manager, Chris Smith Everyone enjoys a great origin story! Dr. James D. Baxter’s career origin story began at a young age. He states that he “had always wanted to study medicine.” When his Grandmother gave him a copy of All Creatures Great and Small at the age of 14, he realized […]

Aesculight Laser Veterinarians in the News!

veterinary laser surgery mcmahon

Burke Animal Clinic in Morganton, NC is an Aesculight customer and uses our CO2 Veterinary Surgical Laser. Their work with laser surgical technology was highlighted in the article below published this week in their local media. Keep up the great work, Burke Animal Clinic! Burke Animal Clinic only practice in county to offer laser surgery […]

Veterinary Laser Surgery Success Stories Series, Dr. David Duclos, DVM

david d duclos dvm

by Alex Vitruk, LSN Editor “Because its (CO2) wavelength is highly absorbed by water, little to no collateral tissue damage occurs when this laser is used properly.” David Duclos, DVM, board-certified dermatologist, has been our customer for more than 20 years. At his clinic he uses Aesculight AE-3020 (30 Watt CW / 20 Watt SP) CO2 […]

Veterinary Laser Surgery Success Stories Series – Dr. James R. Irwin, DVM

laser vet

by Alex Vitruk, LSN Editor   Our exclusive interview with Dr. Jim Irwin, DVM reveals how the successful combination of clinical excellence and state-of-the-art 30-watt CO2 laser technology can greatly improve your bottom line Just minutes before our interview, Dr. Irwin removed a meibomian gland tumor from the lower eyelid of a 16-year old dog. “12 […]