Veterinary Laser Surgery Videos

See Aesculight CO2 surgical lasers in action and learn about veterinary laser surgery. Watch videos of Aesculight laser assisted procedures such as: stenotic nares airway surgery, aural hematoma, tumor removal, oral epulis, tongue & skin tag removal, sea turtle papilloma removal, lipoma excision, and much more.

These videos can also be found on the Aesculight YouTube Channel.

VIDEO – Mucosal Squamous Papilloma in Canine Penis Surgery

Mucosal Squamous Papilloma Surgery

Watch a video of mucosal squamous papilloma in canine penis surgery performed by Drs. Jakub Kaczmarek and Ramon Almela of AniCura in München, Germany.

VIDEO – Turtles in Trouble – Prepping for Laser Surgery

sea turtles herpes virus

Dr. Sue Chen of the Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, is presented with two green sea turtles covered with tumors caused by the fabropapilloma-associated turtle herpesvirus.

VIDEO – Elongated Soft Palate Laser Surgery

soft palete laser surgery

Frenchie, a female French bulldog, was presented with respiratory issues due to the brachycephalic syndrome. She had small nasal openings (stenotic nares) and an elongated soft palate.

VIDEO – Equine Melanoma Treatment with Laser

equine melanoma laser surgery video

Video of equine melanoma treatment using an Aesculight veterinary surgical laser. Equine veterinarians that use diode laser to remove sarcoids and tumors are amazed by Aesculight laser speed, precision, tissue control and wound healing.

VIDEO – Aesculight Lasers Featured on “Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet” TV Show

dr dee alaska vet laser surgery

Aesculight laser surgery has recently been featured on Animal Planet’s “Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet” TV show. Watch some video clips of Dr. Dee, performing soft-tissue laser surgery using an Aesculight surgical laser.

VIDEO – Upgrade to the Speed of a Scalpel

speed of scalpel

Aesculight surgical lasers are a true upgrade from Luxar lasers, with higher power enabling veterinarians to cut at the speed of a scalpel! I use it (Aesculight laser) with every soft-tissue surgery procedure that I perform at the practice, I hardly ever pick up a scalpel blade at all now. – Dr. Christopher Winkler, DVM, […]

VIDEO – Equine Sarcoids Vaporization with Aesculight CO2 Lasers

equine sarcoids vaporization with aesculight co2 lasers

What is Equine Sarcoids? A sarcoid is a tumor and one of the most common types of skin masses found on horses, donkeys and mules. It is usually benign, but can be locally invasive.[1] Removing Equine Sarcoids with an Aesculight CO2 Laser The Aesculight veterinary laser can be used to easily vaporize equine sarcoids.  Aesculight’s […]

VIDEO – BBC special on Sea Turtle Surgery with a Flexible Fiber CO2 Laser

sea turtle surgery with a flexible fiber co2 laser

This BBC special features a flexible fiber CO2 laser surgery on a sea turtle. Large skin tumors caused by fibroma pillomatosis are excised with the laser beam. The video highlights the key points of the CO2 laser surgery, such as non-contact cutting (to prevent contaminating the wound) and excellent hemostasis.

VIDEO – Epulis Excision With the Aesculight CO2 Laser

epulis excision with the aesculight laser

Epulis removal is yet another procedure that is beautifully done with the Aesculight CO2 laser – quick and blood-free:

VIDEO – Aesculight CO2 Laser Removal of Canine Oral Growth

aesculight laser removal of canine oral growth

This new video demonstrates the CO2 laser incision and ablation techniques used to remove the oral growth in the dog. Note the bloodless surgical field ensured by the Aesculight laser.

VIDEO – Canine Stenotic Nares Repair with the Aesculight Laser

canine stenotic nares repair with the aesculight laser

Two cases or stenotic nares repair with the CO2 laser are reviewed in this video. The surgery was completely bloodless and made a noticeable difference in both patients’ breathing.

VIDEO – Aesculight CO2 Laser For The Soft Palate Resection

laser for the soft palate resection

Masahiro Seki, DVM, DABLS, from Nagoya, Japan, uses his 30-watt Aesculight CO2 laser for the Soft Palate Resection and Stenotic Nares Repair. Note the bloodless surgical field in these vascular areas.