How New York vet learned to love lasers

how new york vet learned to love lasers

By Anya Glazkova, PhD   |   June 2016

In this interview, Dr. Winkler offers his view of the numerous clinical benefits of laser surgery and shares his journey toward becoming a laser veterinarian.

Surgical CO2 laser in the small animal mobile practice

surgical co2 laser in the small animal mobile practice

By Janine S. Dismukes, DVM   |   August 2015

Dr. Dismukes tells her story of becoming a laser veterinarian, the advantages of Aesculight CO2 laser surgery, and she provides five clinical case examples.

Aesculight lasers used in everyday procedures

aesculight lasers used in everyday procedures

Aesculight veterinary lasers are used everyday for soft-tissue surgical procedures at Med-Wet Cabinet Veterinary in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. The progress of veterinary medicine leads to CO2 laser surgery for everyday surgical procedures in companion animals. – Veterinarian Ziemowit Kudła of Med-Wet Cabinet Veterinary Removal of the third eyelid tumors Surgical removal of the third eyelid tumors […]

Correcting mild entropion with a CO2 laser

correcting mild entropion with a co2 laser

By William E. Schultz, DVM   |   May 2014

Entropion is a condition in which the eyelid rolls medially and contacts the cornea, causing epiphora and, in some cases, mild to severe corneal damage. Find out how it can be treated by Aesculight lasers.

Meibomian adenoma removal with the surgical CO2 laser

laser meibomian adenoma

By William E. Schultz, DVM   |   April 2014

While cutting, the laser creates hemostasis; the absence of bleeding ensures excellent visibility and enables the surgeon to remove the meibomian adenoma quickly, with high precision and great cosmetic outcome.

Janine Sagris Dismukes, DVM, Shares Her Clinical Case

laser entropion

By Janine Sagris Dismukes, DVM   |   February 2015

Cherokee, a 2-year-old male Irish setter presented for intermediate congenital entropion of the left bottom lid. It was decided to surgically correct the entropion with the Aesculight CO2 laser.

CO2 Laser Surgery: Dermatologic Applications

co2 laser surgery dermatologic applications

By David D. Duclos, DVM, Dipl. ACVD   |   June 2012

In most dermatologic surgical procedures using CO2 lasers, no sutures are required and no post-operative care is needed. The pet does not bother the lesions because the nerve endings are sealed by the CO2 laser, and thus little to no pain is present after the surgery.