We were referred to Dr. Frazier at the Hamilton Crossing Animal Hospital in Westfield Indiana. Our dog had a large tumor removed from his front left paw. Dr. Frazier had to remove one of his toes. Our family and our Golden Retriever, Pete, had absolutely the finest experience with Dr. Frazier and his staff. Our dog has had several surgeries during his lifetime, including several for mast cell tumors. In the past, they were removed by traditional scalpel surgery by another respected animal hospital. However, his recoveries took a long time, and seemed to take a lot out of him-energy wise. So we decided to try laser surgery with Dr. Frazier. It turned out to be absolutely the correct decision for our dog. When we picked up Pete after the surgery, it was immediately apparent that he was feeling pretty good. He was walking very well and seemingly without a lot of pain, and most of all very happy. His recovery time was swift, and follow-up visits were very convenient. The staff is excellent, and we couldn’t be any happier with our experience.
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