My dog, Hepburn, did have laser surgery with Barnside Veterinary Hospital in Howell Township Monmouth County New Jersey. I appreciate your help in finding this great facility and caring doctor. Hepburn is 16 years old, and had a mast cell tumor, grade 3. I dropped her off and picked her up the same day. Even though the tumor had gotten quite large and the doctor took a wide margin, there were no bandages, blood or oozing. She was back to normal within a week. I hope we got all the cancer out, but although there are no guarantees, I feel better about having a less invasive procedure for my aging pet. I’m trying to make her final years as pleasant as possible. It took me a long time to find a laser surgeon with experience. I am now bringing all my pets to Barnside and recommending this facility to all my friends. We’ll be having a sweet 16 this month for Hepburn, maybe she’ll make it to 20!
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