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Dr. Barbara Gores

Dr. Barbara Gores

“I LOVE this laser! It is simply a joy to work with. I especially appreciate the programmability that allows each individual laser surgeon the option to adjust particular user settings such as timing delays of the smoke evacuator and standby modes, common power settings, etc. Having the smoke evacuator tied into the laser footpedal is another great advantage. I also commend you on the engineering advances – despite the fact that this laser is a 30 watt compared to my former 20 watt unit, it never gives me the overtemp warning when running it at high power settings for long periods of time. I can’t think of anything to improve upon! Congratulations on an outstanding product!”

Barbara R. Gores, DVM Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson Tucson, Arizona

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What Dog Owners Say About Laser Surgery

“Our Cocker Spaniel recently underwent laser surgery for an inner ear tumor. All went well and we are so happy with our veterinarian and the procedure. We expected the worst and were surprised at the fast, complete procedure as well as the very reasonable charge.”

Bob from Ennis, Montana

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What Cat Owners Say About Laser Surgery

“…Gizzy weighs nearly 20 lbs and I was unprepared to risk her life through general anesthesia. …Dr. Rhett used a LOCAL anesthetic to remove the lump, and then with the LASER he sealed underneath the wound and sutured it. In my mind, Dr. Rhett saved Gizzy’s life with local instead of general anesthesia. Hopefully, she will live to be an even older kitty cat. I will always be grateful to you for finding and locating Dr. Rhett. I thank you very much; you will forever be our lucky star over the NET.”

Bill from Morristown, New York

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What Other Pet Owners Say About Laser Surgery

With over 4,000 surgical laser installations at veterinary clinics across North America, there are millions of veterinary laser surgeries performed each year. There are tens of millions of companion pets in the USA and Canada who thus-far have benefitted from the miracles of veterinary laser surgery. These pages are devoted to some of the testimonials that we have received from many happy pet owners about their pets’ laser surgeries.

“Nice to have a faster and better healing process available!”

Carole from Woodinville, Washington


“Had laser surgery at Chambers Creek Veterinary… very happy, excellent results and highly recommend laser surgery.”

Carolanne from Tacoma, Washington


“The best, most ethical, most painless surgery any of our pets have had.”

Ron from Venice, Florida


“Yes, it is safe, reliable, and more comfortable for your pet that you love so much. You feel more secure with the operation if it’s laser surgery.”

Megan from Doylestown, Pennsylvania


“Recovery was rapid … absolutely no problems. Pet is doing great.”

Linda from Galloway, New Jersey


“Very pleased with the results. Seems to be a great alternative to routine surgery that is far less invasive that by the conventional route with much less pain for the pet!”

Lindy from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


“I had surgery for my pet performed at South Seminole Animal Hospital and the surgery went great! I would definitely recommend laser surgery to other pet owners.”

Jane from Casselberry, Florida


“I took my pet to Northwest Veterinary Hospital and the procedure was much better than the old method. I would recommend laser surgery.”

Joyce from Austin, Texas


“We were very pleased with the procedure and would absolutely recommend laser surgery to other pet owners.”

Carol from Austin, Texas


“I took my pet to Boston Road Animal Clinic. It was my first experience with the laser procedure and was pleased with the results. Less trauma to the tissue, quick healing and it didn’t seem to be so painful for my pet afterwards. I recommended the laser surgery to a friend and they have already had a similar procedure done!”

Anonymous from Massachusetts


“With reference to Boco’s recent surgery using the surgical laser. We were extremely happy with the fact that there was less bleeding and swelling! Boco didn’t appear to have much post-surgical pain and her recovery was very quick. We would highly recommend this laser treatment to any pet owner that may be considering surgery. The love and care shown to Boco by our Veterinarian and staff is always appreciated.”

Cynthia from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia


“Laser surgery worked great!”

Mark from Portage, Ohio


“My veterinarian, Dr. Terri Perkins-Lewis, Flushing Veterinary Hospital, Flushing New York, is wonderful and deserves commendation! My pet had laser surgery and it helped her stomatitis tremendously. I would absolutely recommend laser surgery if necessary.”

Rosalia from Whitestone, New York


“I liked that there was very little swelling, no bleeding, no stitches and the recovery was much easier on him.”

Kim from Prospect, Connecticut


“We took our pet to Eau Claire Animal Hospital in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I was glad to hear that the healing time would be faster and less painful. I believe that was so. She was spayed and is healed very nicely.”

Anonymous from Eau Claire, Wisconsin


“The glued sutures were very clean, with no subsequent infection. My animal went home after surgery with pain medication that lasted three days, and she was able to walk comfortably while taking the medication; however, she slept a lot. By the fourth day she was doing well without the medication with limited supervised movement. I feel that the healing process was faster using laser surgery.”

Ruth from Phoenix, Arizona


“The laser surgical procedure received by my pet saved her life. Thank you so much for your information and help. Yes, I would recommend laser surgery to other pet owners.”

Debbie from Ridge, New York


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