Clinical Applications of pet laser surgery procedures with the Aesculight CO2 surgical laser

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The Aesculight CO2 laser can easily replace a scalpel in soft-tissue surgeries. Moreover, there are certain laser surgery procedures that veterinarians consider laser-specific, as the technology is easy to maneuver and it permits quick debulking with control of bleeding. For example, Dr. John C. Godbold is convinced that nasal hyperkeratosis is one of those procedures and states that; “it just can’t be done any other way”. (Godbold JC. CO2 laser surgery: Standard of care. Veterinary Practice News. March 2012:22.)

Dr. David Duclos also named a number of such procedures, where the CO2 laser has a significant advantage over scalpel or is the only surgical treatment option, i.e. nodular sebaceous hyperplasia, apocrine cysts, follicular tumors, meibomian gland tumors, actinic in situ carcinoma (actinic keratosis), pinnal tumors, nevi and skin tags, squamous cell carcinoma, etc. (Duclos DD. CO2 laser surgery: dermatologic applications. Veterinary Practice News. June 2012:32).

The Aesculight flexible fiber CO2 laser enables the veterinarian to operate on lesions in difficult places. For instance, Dr. Gary D. Norsworthy named among such lesions oral tumors, odontogenic tumor (epulis) around the teeth, eosinophilic granulomas at the base of the tongue, some facial tumors (because appropriate margins are not always possible), and perilaryngeal tumors. (Norsworthy, GD. CO2 lasers treat many feline ailments. Veterinary Practice News. August 2012:24). Dr. Norsworthy also listed stenotic nares, entropion and ceruminous gland adenomas among procedures, where CO2 is the surgical instrument of choice (ibid.).

Aesculight CO2 lasers have been used on virtually every kind of animal, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, ferrets, rabbits, iguanas, chinchillas, guinea pigs, monkeys and turtles. Aesculight laser products are successfully used for incision, excision, vaporization, ablation, and coagulation of soft tissue in many veterinary specialties. The list of sample laser-specific procedures across a variety of specialties provided below demonstrates the versatility of Aesculight for soft-tissue surgical CO2 laser treatment.

General Laser Surgery

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Laser-appropriate general surgery procedures include: amputations, anal sacculectomy, castration, ceruminous adenocarcinoma, chemodectoma, chronic ulcer debridement and sterilization, colorectal tumor debulking or resection, cranial cruciate ligament rupture debridement, cystotomy, deep mass removal, dewclaw removal, everted saccule resection, enterotomy, fibrosarcoma, graft bed preparation-infected wounds, granulation tissue shaving, hemangiopericytoma, hepatic carcinoma – hepatic lobectomy, lipoma & liposarcoma resections, mast cell tumors, operculectomy, penile amputation, perianal fistulas, perianal tumors, perineal urethrostomy stricture revisions, pericardiectomy, rhabdomyoma of flank, spay, subtotal prostatectomy, tendon sheath tumors hemangiopericytoma, SCC and infiltrating lipoma, thyroidectomy, toe nail lasing, transitional cell carcinoma of bladder, traumatic wound debridement, tumor bed ablations, tumor/mass removal, urethral prolapse resections, urinary bladder polyps, vital pulpotomy, vaginal fold excision, vaginal tumor excisions – leiomyoma, etc.

Laser Dermatology

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Laser-appropriate dermatology surgery procedures include: localized demodex, acral lick granuloma ablation, cutaneous masses: skin tags, inclusion cysts, papillomas, epibulbar melanoma, hyperkeratosis of digital pads /nasal planum, hemostasis, malignant melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma removal, wound management (acute and chronic), viral papillomas, pigmented viral plaques, actinic keratosis, pineal tumors, feline ceruminous cystomatosis, calcinosis circumscripta, follicular cysts and tumors, gingival hyperplasia and epulis, nodular sebaceous hyperplasia, plasma cell pododermatitis, and others.


Ophthalmic Laser Surgery

Laser-appropriate ophthalmology surgery procedures include: cherry eye, conjunctiva treatment, distichia, ectopic cilia, entropion, eyelid tumor removal, hemangioma removal, keratectomy, lacrimal punctotomy for epiphora, mast cell tumors, meibomian gland excision, squamous cell carcinoma removal, scleral corneal mass removal, epiphora, and so on.

ENT and Oral Laser Surgery

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Laser-appropriate ENT and oral surgery procedures include: acanthomatous epulis, aural hematoma, bulla curettage, de-barking, ear canal ablation, ear canal polyps, ear crop, correction of faulty ear carriage, epulis removal, everted laryngeal saccules, gingival hyperplasia, gingivectomy / plasty incisional biopsy, laryngeal granuloma, laryngeal scar removal, laryngeal web revision, lymphocytic plasmacytic stomatitis, nasal hyperkeratosis, nasal planum resection, oral mass excision, osteosarcoma of palate, partial mandibulectomy, periodontal flap surgery, partial maxillectomy, proliferative otitis – sterilization and ablation, ranulas, salivary gland removal, salivary mucoceles, soft palate resection, squamous cell carcinoma, stenotic nares, sublingual tissue, folds, sublingual sialocele, tissue sculpting, tongue lesions, tonsillectomy, ventriculocordectomy, and more.

Avian & Exotic Laser Surgery

Avian - Exotics Laser ProceduresLaser-appropriate avian and exotic surgery procedures include: adrenal gland removal, amputation, anal sac removal, avian pox lesion removal, bumblefoot, canthoplasty for lid deformities, castration, caesarian section, constricted toe syndrome, choanal opening, eyelid polyp removal, fibrosarcoma removal, gonadectomy, granulation tissue ablation, histiocytoma of forepaw, hysterectomy, lipoma removal, liver mass removal, lymph node biopsy, nasal polyp removal, ovary ablation, papilloma removal, renal adenocarcinoma, sebaceous adenomas, skin incisions, stripping of tendons, synovial cell sarcoma removal, traumatic wound debridement, uterine adenocarcinoma, vocal fold excision, xanthoma removal, and others.

Equine Laser Surgery

Equine Laser SurgeryLaser-appropriate equine surgery procedures include: ablation of penile and cervical lesions, acute scrotal hernia repair, basal cell mastocytoma, castration, cryptorchidectomy, entrapped epiglottis procedure, ethmoid hematoma, fibroma/neurofibroma, melanoma, neoplasia, palmer digital neurectomy, proud flesh, removal of hydroceles, scirrhous cord resection, sarcoid removal, squamous cell carcinoma, umbilical hernia repair, and so on.


Thousands of Aesculight lasers are already in use and continue receiving raving reviews from veterinarians as well as dog and cat owners. In the course of numerous surgeries performed with Luxar and Aesculight veterinary CO2 lasers, a very substantial body of clinical evidence [1-7] has been accumulated that demonstrate the wide array of clinical applications and many benefits of CO2 laser surgery. The Aesculight team is happy to share this body of clinical cases for you to embrace Aesculight surgical techniques faster and with more confidence. One of the most detailed educational resources is the digital “Atlas of CO2 Laser Surgery Procedures”[7] by Dr. John C. Godbold.

In addition, on our News page you can read numerous articles, all of which appeared in the Educational Series of the Veterinary Practice News, that cover a wide variety of Aesculight laser-assisted surgeries.

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