Upgrade to more power and delivery system options without having to buy a new laser

Aesculight Trade-In - Upgrade

Aesculight lasers were designed to give you the flexibility and freedom of upgrading your laser without the need of replacing it. Power and delivery system upgrades (some of which can be accomplished on-site) are available for your existing Aesculight system.

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We welcome all Luxar or Accuvet™ and competitor laser trade-ins

Upgrading to an Aesculight surgical laser system gives you access to more power and more versatility, while maintaining the feel, responsiveness, and precision of a flexible fiber. Among the many advantages to upgrading are:

  • Improved powers and speed of Aesculight veterinary lasers
  • An additional one to three years on your existing warranty
  • On-site power and software upgrade options eliminate obsolescence
  • Extended evacuator filter and accessory life
  • Top dollar trade-in value for your Luxar laser
  • Special discounts for LuxarCare™ customers

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