What Dog Owners Say

I am a small animal veterinarian on Long Island, NY. Chris Winkler DVM is a friend and colleague of mine. One of my dogs needed surgery for a mass in her bladder. Knowing Chris had one of your Aesculight CO2 laser surgery units, I asked if he would help me do the surgery. I had a small working knowledge about laser surgery units, and was curious as to how one worked. I was interested in laser surgery in general, but I had never had the opportunity to see one in action, or know what it could do. Chris graciously agreed to help me with the surgery using his laser unit.

I was utterly amazed by how well the surgery went. There was very little bleeding and my dog had no bruising, and no appreciable pain, or discomfort following the procedure. Being able to work alongside Chris while he explained how the unit worked, and having him show me how to use the unit, was one of the best experiences I ever had in a surgery suite.

There are many practices that have a laser surgery unit, but the machines are never utilized to their full potential because of a lack of comfort and knowledge base about how the units work. I know this would be me. I would love to have an Aesculight CO2 laser unit in my practice, but to be honest, I know I would be intimidated by it, and would not use it as much as I would like, or as much as the technology deserves.

Having the wonderful experience of being able to work alongside Chris, who is a master with the device, made me realize that it would be a fantastic learning and business opportunity to implement an in house training / mentoring program along with the purchase of one of your units. If there was such a program, where Chris could come and do in house training on the device, it would make us novice veterinarians less intimidated by the machine and, therefore, more likely to use it regularly. The more the technology is utilized, the better care our patients would receive, and the more possibility there would be for your laser units to become indispensable equipment for every veterinary practice.

I can’t say enough to praise your Aesculight CO2 laser machine. My dog’s surgery went incredibly well, and she had no post-operative concerns. It was a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to see your device in action, and to be able to have its wondrous abilities demonstrated to me by someone, namely Chris Winkler, who was so knowledgeable about how the machine works, and was willing to teach me anything I wanted to know about it. I know I am not the only veterinarian who would be willing to have a traveling Chris Winkler at my disposal while learning to use your technological wonder.

Lisa McCann, DVM, Islandia Animal Hospital, Long Island, NY

“My dog had the laser surgery about a month ago. It was called a vulvectomy or an episiotomy, I believe. I was really pleased with the care that she received and the outcome of the procedure. My dog’s incision was neat and clean. It healed very quickly without any complications other than her wanting to scoot from the itching from the incision site. Was able to remedy that immediately with a cortisone shot. She did not seem to experience any discomfort from the surgery. I highly recommend using the laser for any type of surgery. Also, I would highly recommend Surface Creek Veterinary Clinic to anyone!”

Fran from Montrose, CO

“I contacted, thanks to you, Caroline Earle White Veterinary Hospital in Bensalem,PA. The Spaying of my 4 year old Golden- doodle was quick, and the recovery wonderful and pain free, as far as we could tell. She really did not need the cone after only a few days, because she was not bothered by the incision.

Would you recommend laser surgery to other pet owners? Why or why not?
ABSOLUTELY–because of the reasons above. I wanted as easy a procedure as possible.
Thank you for your directive!”

Barbara from Southampton, NJ

“My dog had laser surgery and the experience was great. There was no big plastic collar!  He spent the night with the veterinarian and the next day he was back to normal.  It cost more but well worth it.  Thank you!”

John from Freeport, NY

“We found a laser veterinarian who was very professional and easy. Now we are more likely to let the animals into the family room and other areas of the house that were off limits to them prior to the procedure. Would we recommend laser surgery to other pet owners?  Yes, very much so.  The problem is that many vets charge extremely high fees which is hard to afford but we paid under $300 for each pet, which was reasonable and we had an  excellent outcome.”

Robert From Morristown, NJ

“I was able to find a laser veterinarian who provided excellent care for my pet leading to a very fast recovery. I have no reservations about recommending laser surgery to other pet owners!”

Anonymous From Gaithersberg, MD

“Our pup healed faster and had less scarring than she would have if she had the traditional surgery!  I wished the veterinarian was willing to remove just the ova, leaving the uterus, as I read that this procedure makes for an even faster recovery because it cuts less muscle tissue and leaves even less scarring but in any case, we were satisfied.

We would definitely recommend laser surgery to other pet owners. The cost was the same and the recovery time seemed shorter with less scarring!”

Chris From Reno, NV

“I am your biggest advocate of surgical laser technology for animals. If it wasn’t for this miracle capability, my dog Gunnar would have been dead at only six-years-old. But because of laser surgery, Gunnar is almost 14-years-old. This is our story:

Gunnar-1I bought my exotic wolf-dog up in Northern California in 1994. He had been brought down from Alaska and I hand-picked him from the litter. I raised him from 8-weeks-old and he grew up with my family and particularly my young daughter. As part of a military family, he traveled all around the United States with us, from California, to Texas and finally to Florida. He was a great pet who loved kids and would give all of the kids in the neighborhoods rides by running with them on his leash and pulling them on their skateboards.

In September of 2001, he started getting a tumor on his tongue. Within a week it had turned into a big black mass and was spreading quickly. I took him to every veterinarian in the area. They all told me that it was cancerous, but because it was on his tongue, there was nothing I could do and he would die. I was devastated and began searching for someone who could help. I was on my last visit to the last veterinarian I could find and thought that I would have no alternative but to put my pet down. The veterinarian explained to me that to try to cut out the tumor on Gunnar’s tongue would cause incessant bleeding that would be extremely painful for him and that if the surgery didn’t go well, he could bleed to death. Then the veterinarian told me that there might be a chance. He said that there was one veterinarian in the area that was using a new technology … .a laser surgical procedure that might work. He told me that if anyone could save my dog, it would be this veterinarian … with laser surgery. And he referred me to Dr. Jim Antunano at the Animal Medical Diagnostic Center in Valrico, Florida.

I immediately met with Dr A (as we fondly call him) and he explained the procedure to me. He would cut out a portion of Gunnar’s tongue and he believed he could be precise enough with the laser technology to save most of the tongue and Gunnar would be able to eat and drink like normal, just a little slower. There was not time to spare, and we scheduled him for the next day. In Gunnar’s pre-op Dr. A found a second tumor on his leg, so both tumors were removed. My dog’s life was saved and recovery was better than I even expected. In no time at all, Gunnar was back home with both tumors completely gone and life was normal again. Gunnar was the talk of the town and everyone was amazed at our miracle story.

This story would have been completely awesome in itself … but it didn’t stop there. In June 2003, Gunnar developed three more external tumors that tested as cancerous. Laser surgery removed all three painlessly and successfully. In May 2006, two more tumors were removed from the head/ears area and another on his leg two months later. A final small surgery was successful in removing another small tumor in February of 2008. Through it all, Gunnar has recovered quickly and fully from each surgery, and one would never know that he has undergone multiple surgeries. In February he will be 14-years-old. He is an integral part of both my family and Dr. A’s laser surgery clinic.

If it wasn’t for laser surgery, I would have lost Gunnar at the early age of only six-years-old. It would have been a needless death. Instead, my family has enjoyed a lifetime of loving memories with our pet and I will be happy when he does die, that it will be as it should be. He will have had a full and healthy life! I can be contacted for any further information and/or endorsement of laser surgery.”

Robin L. Marsh from Valrico, Florida

“When I moved to Florida five years ago, Dr. A and his team were highly recommended to care for my four-legged children. Since then, Dr. A and his team have performed multiple laser surgeries on my eight-year-old Golden Retriever. With the exception of being groggy from medication, Lucy had a very easy, almost pain-free recovery. There have been no side effects or significant down time for her.”

Pamela Lithia, Florida

“We had our dog, Tula, spayed with the surgical laser and she healed very quickly and now you can’t really see where the scar is located. We highly recommend using the surgical laser.”

Jeannie Alpharetta, Georgia


“We did find a doctor who uses your laser … Lexie, our Shih Tzu, did have to have surgery for her nose, and it went very well. I would highly recommend the surgery; it is much less intrusive than the scalpel surgery and most important, it is MUCH less painful for the animal. Lexie has done great, and there have been no problems at all associated with her surgery. I would gladly be an advocate for the procedure, and you can use my name if you wish. You can also use a picture of my Baby Girl if you wish!”

Gary Conover, North Carolina

“We chose the Prairie Vet Associates in Sun Prairie. Skylar had her laser spay on June 4th. Everything went fine. The clinic was clean, the staff was friendly and they followed up twice to make sure that Skylar was doing okay. We had our other Collie spayed using the laser 1 1/2 years ago. Your site was very helpful in finding us a new clinic that not only had the laser, but other modern equipment and we will be going to this clinic in the future. Absolutely recommend laser surgery! Recovery time is amazingly quick!”

Elaine Pardeeville, Wisconsin

“Our Cocker Spaniel recently underwent laser surgery for an inner ear tumor. All went well and we are so happy with our veterinarian and the procedure. We expected the worst and were surprised at the fast, complete procedure as well as the very reasonable charge.”

Bob Ennis, Montana

“No blood, no stitches… it was fantastic! Our dog healed in two weeks completely. What a change from stitches, staples, meds, infection, e-collars, wraps and bandages. We will do laser when possible from now on. Our dog never bothered the (surgical) site. It was painless for all of us!”

Chrissie West Chester, Pennsylvania

“We made arrangements for our Bichons to be spayed this past spring … We chose laser surgery over the traditional method. The surgery went well; the dogs came home and showed little discomfort. Their activity level was back to normal in a few days. Amazingly, there was little evidence of the surgery as their scars are almost non-existent. We are delighted that our very talented veterinarians have chosen to offer this innovative technology as part of their practice.”

Barbara from Woodstock, Georgia

“Absolutely loved it, no stitches, our dogs were home the very same day and were in good condition!! No infections, no need to return to the vet, simple, fast and very cost-effective.”

Cheryl Lynn from Perryville, Maryland

“Last month, my German Shepherd, Josie, was diagnosed with a suspicious, bleeding mass on her leg. Dr. Antunano performed laser surgery and the results were great. She had no side effects and the incision healed beautifully!”

Janet from Valrico, Florida

“We found a vet laser surgeon at the Monticello Pet Hospital in Monticello, MN. We decided to have our Lhaso Apso Honee spayed there. … The procedure went well and our pup recuperated quite fast – we were very pleased with the results and the service. Should we have another pup I am sure we would have the laser surgery done.”

Joan from Buffalo, Minnesota

“My Shih Tzu, Sage, appeared to be comfortable after her laser surgery. I noticed the site was neither as swollen nor irritated and there is no scar or raised area on her stomach. She seemed to heal faster and was not bothered by the surgical site.”

Sheryl from Alpharetta, Georgia

“Our puppy did come home that afternoon, we limited his activity a bit and by the next day he was pretty normal really. Still wanted his belly rubbed, no crying at all. We watched the area, took him back for his follow up appointment. That was almost 2 months ago. He now is a happy, growing 8- month-old Chow Chow. We are very happy with the whole laser surgery procedure and our puppy. Thank you so much for your assistance.”

MB from Las Vegas, Nevada

“In February 2008, my twelve-year-old Lhasa Apso was diagnosed with an upper gum area cancer. I came to Jim Antunano, DVM, in April for a second opinion and to discuss treatment options other than chemotherapy. We agreed to surgically remove the infected area using laser surgery technology. Our dog lost a few teeth, some gum area and a small part of her palate. However, she recovered remarkably well with minimal swelling and no bleeding, and has been doing fine for six months.”

Ralph from Valrico, Florida

“My dog recently had laser surgery when she was spayed and you can’t even tell she had the surgery. Three months later, I can’t even detect any visible scar. She rolls over on her back to be scratched and all you see is a pretty pink belly. I am a true advocate of laser surgery.”

Diane from Suwanee, Georgia

“Numerous procedures from amputations, sterilizations to simple tumor removals have been performed on our rescue dogs. Our recovery and rehabilitation time is cut 80% and because of this we are able to re-home sooner. This type of surgery is preferred due to the excellent condition the dogs are in post-op. We have been aware of less stress, pain and the dogs being in better emotional frame. One surgery dealing with a gross oral tumor would NOT have been possible if not for laser surgery. Our veterinarian is a ‘master’ at laser surgery technique and has returned good health to every dog benefiting from this type of surgery with his skill.

In 2007/2008, the following list of rescue dogs received laser surgery: Willie- Perianal Hernia/Castration, Giblet- Fracture Repair, Nelson- Polyp removal/Castration, Newman- Mucocele/Salivary
Rodney- Castration, Johanna- Mass Removal/Amputation, Dolce- OHE, Flotsam- Castration, Gillian- OHE,
Harmony- OHE, Lennox- Castration, Rhapsody- OHE, Sadie- OHE, Bugsley- Enucleation, and Ernie- FHO/Castration”

Belinda J. Kolenbrander, President
Boston Terrier Rescue, Florida

“With the encouragement from a dear friend of mine, after the loss of three dogs, I reluctantly opened my heart and decided to buy two female Maltese; a six-month-old and a 4-year-old. Demi and Sundae both had not been spayed and the prospect of laser surgery worried me. After the procedures, when the staff at our clinic brought Demi and Sundae to us, they looked great. They were experiencing very little pain. Additionally, the laser surgery reduced the amount of swelling and bleeding to almost none and the incision itself was small and did not aggravate either of them. They are both perfectly healthy and feeling fine. When faced with making a decision on a surgical procedure for your animals, I would highly recommend laser over conventional surgery.”

Teresa from Dawsonville, Georgia

“Jaden, my boxer, had a huge tumor on his front paw. This affected his ability to walk. Other veterinarians tried to treat it with antibiotics, unsuccessfully. Dr. A looked at it and recommended the laser surgery to take out the tumor. What a success! The tumor is all gone and has not come back. And my nine-year-old boxer acts like a puppy again, running and jumping. I could not be happier.”

Brandon from Valrico, Florida

“My husband noticed what appeared to be an enlarged anal gland on our Rottweiler, Hansel. Upon further inspection by our veterinarian (Doc A), we found that it was a blood tumor the size of a golf ball. The veterinarian discussed conventional surgery but recommended a revolutionary surgical procedure utilizing lasers. We trust our veterinarian, so the next day, Hansel underwent laser surgery. When the call came, we were expecting the worst because this was a very risky surgery, but it was successful. Recovery was fast, within two weeks, Hansel was eating & running around like nothing had ever happened.”

Deborah from Tampa, Florida

“Maggie had a tumor removed from her torso. The incision was quite lengthy for a small dog. The incision healed very nicely and Maggie never seemed uncomfortable, we were pleased with the results.”

David from Milton, Georgia

“My West Highland White Terrier, Bailey, is four-years-old. When he was three he developed little tumors on his eyelids. Bailey has the most beautiful and expressive eyes and I was very concerned when informed Bailey would have to have them removed. I was concerned about loss of sight, scarring, etc. Dr. A assured me it would be fine and he removed them using laser. I picked Bailey up the evening of the surgery and he was absolutely fine. He showed no ill effects after and healed very quickly.”

Donna from Valrico, Florida

“Max came home after his laser surgery and we hardly noticed anything wrong. He appeared to be in no pain and was as playful as ever. I highly recommend this method.”

Brenda from Valrico, Florida

“In another clinic, my dog was diagnosed with metastatic cancer at age eight with three to six months to live. They offered chemotherapy as the only available treatment option. After relocating to Tampa, Dr. Antunano followed up on the care of my dog. He offered laser surgery with incredible results. My dog is healthy, active and now thirteen-years-old. Periodic laser surgery removes the metastatic skin lesions. My dog does not pick at the surgical sites. At no time does he seem to suffer postoperatively. Many thanks.”

Robert from Zephyrhills, Florida

“My Cane Corso, Nico, had laser surgery performed on his ears at Village Veterinary Animal Clinic. We debated on whether to do the surgery and glad we did. Nico did not have any problems with the surgery. We just followed the veterinarian’s instructions about cleaning the stitches and making sure Nico didn’t scratch at them.”

Anonymous in Oklahoma

“Our puppy had a small incision and only felt a bit icky for two days. We would most definitely recommend the laser surgery to other pet owners. We feel that it was less painful and less stressful for our puppy. Overall, it was wonderful!”

Kim from Woodstock, Georgia

“It was great! Very fast recovery, my veterinarian was very thorough and the cost was about the same as a regular spay. My dog was running around, jumping on the couch within twelve hours.”

Anonymous in Washington

“Sasha had a mouth tumor and had laser surgery to eliminate having stitches in her mouth. The laser surgery was a lot better for Sasha and she could eat more freely after the surgery. I would recommend to anyone to have laser surgery at your Veterinary Clinic. The staff was very caring and helpful in this decision. Sasha is an elderly dog (twelve years) and the laser surgery eliminated the pain she would have had if regular surgery had been done.”

Roslyn from Lambton, New South Wales, Australia

“My dog, Hepburn, did have laser surgery with Barnside Veterinary Hospital in Howell Township Monmouth County New Jersey. I appreciate your help in finding this great facility and caring doctor. Hepburn is 16 years old, and had a mast cell tumor, grade 3. I dropped her off and picked her up the same day. Even though the tumor had gotten quite large and the doctor took a wide margin, there were no bandages, blood or oozing. She was back to normal within a week. I hope we got all the cancer out, but although there are no guarantees, I feel better about having a less invasive procedure for my aging pet. I’m trying to make her final years as pleasant as possible. It took me a long time to find a laser surgeon with experience. I am now bringing all my pets to Barnside and recommending this facility to all my friends. We’ll be having a sweet 16 this month for Hepburn, maybe she’ll make it to 20!”

Stuart from East Brunswick, New Jersey

“Benson Boxer has had two occasions to have laser surgery in the past twelve months. Both times, I have been overwhelmed by the simplicity of the experience and the recovery time afterwards. His surgery in the past (at a former clinic) was for removal of cysts and it was a traumatic experience for both Benson and us, which we vowed never to consider cyst/lesion removals again, particularly as he gets older. Now with laser, he recovers so much faster, minimal to zero bleeding and the hardest thing about it was trying to convince him he had to take it easy! No swelling, no pain (albeit they were external lesions), but one was on the bottom of his paw and he was walking immediately, the other on his hind quarter and he was sitting on his stitches and didn’t know it! It’s as if it never happened!”

Narelle and David from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

“Wonderful experience for me and my dog! I would recommend laser surgery to other pet owners.”

Victor from Fairfield, California

“Qyan was the first Shar-Pei in Australia to have laser surgery on his eyes. I cannot praise Dr. Michaela Keen and her staff enough. The surgery want exceptionally well, there was no swelling or bleeding and no discomfort to the dog. This surgery is leading the way in Australia with their new technology, the caring and professional way they treat their clients, making each one feel that they are not just dollar signs! I would highly recommend anyone whose pet is in need of surgery, laser is the way to go, and not only for your friend’s comfort, but for the way the new technology makes it safer as well. I cannot recommend this and Dr. Keen any higher!”

Karen from Paxton, New South Wales, Australia

“I am pleased. Our Wheaten Terrier was up and around the very next morning after laser surgery. We had to keep her from running around.”

Gary from Youngstown, Ohio

“We were very happy with the laser surgery our puppy had at Lambton Veterinary Clinic. Lulu is the first dog we have owned and we were very nervous about her big de-sexing operation. We opted for laser surgery because it seemed less traumatic for the dog and had a quicker recovery time. Our dog Lulu had an excellent recovery. She had close to no swelling and seemed to be feeling very well. The hardest part was keeping her quiet. Her scar healed very quickly and cleanly. Lulu’s experience with laser surgery was excellent and we would schedule it again if we ever get another dog.”

Berny from New South Wales, Australia

“We were referred to Dr. Frazier at the Hamilton Crossing Animal Hospital in Westfield Indiana. Our dog had a large tumor removed from his front left paw. Dr. Frazier had to remove one of his toes. Our family and our Golden Retriever, Pete, had absolutely the finest experience with Dr. Frazier and his staff. Our dog has had several surgeries during his lifetime, including several for mast cell tumors. In the past, they were removed by traditional scalpel surgery by another respected animal hospital. However, his recoveries took a long time, and seemed to take a lot out of him-energy wise. So we decided to try laser surgery with Dr. Frazier. It turned out to be absolutely the correct decision for our dog. When we picked up Pete after the surgery, it was immediately apparent that he was feeling pretty good. He was walking very well and seemingly without a lot of pain, and most of all very happy. His recovery time was swift, and follow-up visits were very convenient. The staff is excellent, and we couldn’t be any happier with our experience.”

Ben from Cicero, Indiana

“Yes, I found a very capable laser surgeon, Dr. McDaniels at Sand Creek Animal Hospital. My little puppy was treated with love and the utmost care. He wanted to run around the day after surgery.”

Brigitta from Troy, New York